Clear SHM Activity

I am trying to find where to clear the history of the activity monitor for the SHM.

I don’t think you could clear them. Only thing you will get is more info when you click on the history event.

I had a feeling that was the case, not sure why this is not an option at this point. Really how hard is it to add a clear function.

I feel your frustration but I don’t think it’s on their to do list which is really long and some of them have much higher priority such as SHM exit/entry delay.

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Maybe off topic, but does the false alarm checkbox do anything when I clear my frequent shm false alarms?

Where do you see this “false alarm” check box? Also I noticed even with the devices removed, the history persists in SHM.

SHM security, when the alarm has triggered there is a small word (alert?) over to the right, click it then shows list of what happened and my Arlo camera recordings. On this screen I think there is a dismiss button, click it. Then there is a pop-up to confirm I think, it has a checkbox for false alarm.

I think the purpose of the false alarm check box is for Scout alarm monitoring with SHM. If you have you ST alarm monitor by Scout then they won’t call you if you dismissed the alarm as false alarm. I am just guessing.

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