Clear App Cache?

In my foolish attempt to have an Actual Smart Home; I added a Sonos controller and a “Good Morning” sound whenever the Good Morning! Routine was run. This all worked well and good for some time, however now it is triggering “Good Morning” on Sonos all the time. Normally at night…when we want to sleep.

I’ve cleared every Sonos sound. I’ve removed the Sonos Controller App. I’ve removed the Good Morning routine. I even went into the graph.api and removed anything Sonos and Good Morning related (since apparently the Mobile App didn’t actually delete everything). Yet I still hear this Damn “Good Morning” sound from Sonos every night.

It’s clear there is a cache being kept around by the back-end service somewhere that is not being cleared. What can I do to finally put an end to this?

@Scyssion, have you powered down your hub yet (don’t reboot)? I had an issue a while back where there was a local/cloud device and smart app issue. Powering down the hub completely, waiting about 30 minutes (my preference, but 15 should be fine), plugging back in power and then putting the batteries back in helped a lot.

I’ll give it a try. If there is some kind of cache, they should give us the ability to clear it.

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The attempted solution did not work