Cleaner View of Routines


I find it difficult to edit and compare my routines to check for errors and redundancies using the mobile app. Is there any way to view all routines and the parameters of each in a more flat, clean view?

Many Thanks!

I agree. As for “flat” - I don’t know of a truly flat option.

IDE login will show all your routines at
and click on Smartapps or your hub-name/List Smartapps

but from there you cannot edit parameters. All you can do is display all parameters, or delete a smartapp or routine. I don’t know if “Update” link does anything important, but it does not edit parameters.

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“Update” was added back when scheduled events were getting stuck all the time so that events would be scheduled to run at a past date and therefore never ran at all.

An update forced the automation to refresh its schedules, thereby clearing the bad data from the scheduler. ( and, yes, the customer had to go in and do each one individually.)

Since they moved over to the new scheduler, that hasn’t been necessary as it does its own clean up. :sunglasses:

So at one point it was a very important function, now, not so much. But there’s no reason to take it away.