[CLASSIC] Trigger based Camera Actions

I know these cameras have the ability to email snapshots when motion is detected through their own software, is there any way to use that ability in conjunction with a ST motion sensor to trigger recording/snapshots?

This is a SmartApp. If you’re referring to Foscam, yes the Foscam cameras can email the pictures directly from the camera itself when triggered from SmartThings.

Sorry, I’ll try to be more clear although you may have just answered it.

I read an earlier post here asking if it was possible to send snapshots from your smartapp to an email or smartphone instead of only being able to accesss them in the app itself. Your response then was that it was not possible. So I’m wondering if, using your smartapp, there is a way where I can use one of my Xiaomi door sensors as a trigger to have the foscam camera take snapshots or a short video and use foscam’ built in ability to send the media off to an email or phone?

I appologize my terminology with this stuff isn’t the greatest.

Yes the foscam cameras have an ability to email pictures when motion is detected. Not otherwise. So if you’re looking to email pictures when taken manually, the camera doesn’t support that. But you can enable the option in the device handler to email pictures taken when motion is detected. You will need to configure the email settings directly on your camera to use that feature.

Do you have any combination of camera/dh/smart app that will allow a door sensor to trigger a camera to begin recording or take snapshots?

I’m trying to use webcore to trigger my G4 Foscam camera to record based on a remote motion sensor. I I have both the RBoy DTH and smartapp installed but can’t figure out which Foscam command to use to trigger the camera to record a video clip. I’ve tried a couple commands with no luck. Any suggestions?

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