[CLASSIC] Routines Backup - Verify/double check your routine execution, notify and take actions

Everytime I enter a delay into the app (10 seconds) and save, it has gone next time I re-enter the same area of the app again.

If all the settings are missing when you open the app then it sounds like you may be accidentally installing a new instance of the app instead of opening an existing instance (common issue), . Alternatively it could be a temporary mobile platform issue which should fix itself.

All my settings are there, just the delay time doesn’t show.

I enter 10 seconds, press done, save. Then if I go back into the app & check, there is no value showing ?!

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Okay replicated it. Looks like a recent update from ST makes some settings appear blank under certain circumstances, it’s saved but it doesn’t show up. It should fix it:

Routines Backup - Version 01.02.01

  • Fix for some settings show blank after saving in latest versions ST app

Ok. Thanks for the update & quick response too. Appreciated.

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Routines Backup - Version 01.03.00

  • Added support for partial opening/closing of window shades (where supported, 1% - 99%)
  • Check for invalid symbols while entering multiple SMS numbers
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Routines Backup - Version 01.04.00

  • Added option to check and change Classic SHM states
  • Fixed the routine actions summary description

Routines Backup - Version 01.04.01

  • Added support for spoken audio notifications with volume control for the new Sonos LAN player

Is the app always checking the routines like it shows on each routine in the smart app?

Not sure what exactly you’re asking but any routine that’s configured in the app will be monitored when that Routine runs.

I have two routines, one is to turn on driveway lights and the other is to turn them off. In the smart app therye both showing- checking?

You need to select each one and configure the app to each each routine, what it check will be showing after Checking: (see 1st post). If nothing is selected to be checked when a Routine executes, it will say No devices selected

You may want to select a delay (for each routine check), like 60 seconds, to give the platform/hub time to run the routine before the app checks the states of the devices.

So in the app , will it always show checking in the routine?

I see what you mean. Checking means it will check for those devices when the routine executes, it’s not an ongoing action, just text. Maybe the words “Check these devices” or “Verify” is more appropriate than “Checking”.

Gotcha makes sense now, thanks for the clarification. Great smartapps by the way.

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A few weeks ago, I had to redo my setup due to an inadvertent delete.

Since then, I have two issues I have yet to resolve.

  1. My Routines Backup says “no routines found on your SmartThing hub, nothing to configure.”

I’m at a loss. I set up the DH and LUM, and the other 3 main aps (Schlage Lock Alarm, Mode Change Actions, and SHM Routines etc. app)… I remember clearly I had Routines Backup active, because for a whole year, my app would send endless minute-to-minute update notifications (until a few months ago, I figured how to minimize them).

  1. Well, this issue doesn’t belong here, but I’ve mentioned it elsewhere. My Schlage doesn’t auto-lock, and I don’t remember how I fixed that issue the last time.

But yeah, I haven’t had luck finding answers when I don’t know what to type in search.


Just migrated to the new ST app on IOS. I believe Routine Backup was installed before but I didn’t have any routines checked. With the change to Automations (routines) in the new ST, I’ve made several edits and added/deleted more Automations. But I don’t see any of the updates to Automations in backup. Should it pick up the changes and update or do I need to delete/add the SmartApp again? If so, all settings will be lost?

This is a Classic only smartapp since Routines don’t exist in the new app and Automations can’t be managed by SmartApps.

If you’re on the new app and you want to create a backup, try using modes change actions to create backups for mode changes: [RELEASE] Mode Change Actions - Open/Close Door/Window/Switch/Lock/Valve/Shade Notification and Actions on Mode Change

Okay. Thanks