Classic Device Handler Large Input

I am updating an existing device handler to support a new requirement due to API changes. To support that, I need a large input field with a text size of 400 characters. I tried to use the Text type (type: “text”) but it is not working. This specific filed is a token generated from third party and I don’t have control over the length. Any recommendations?

@erickv, do you know the right answer? I remember, that I have read somewhere, there is a limit of the size of any attribute. How you can hold a token size of 400 characters? What is the size limit?

Hello, thanks for referring.

Not really sure why it isn’t working. I’ve just pasted a Lorem Ipsum (length 2000) to test it and got logged properly at the Live Logging.

Hi, @Brad_ST could you give us a hand on this?


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I am curious myself too, as I want to know how many presets the Sonos DH can handle. That is stored as a json.

I am fairly confident the limit is 255 bytes. Can this data be moved elsewhere or to a SmartApp instead?

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Yes I can move this to a smartapp. Can smartapp handle large data (approximately 400 characters) as the input?