Classic App - Sharing V3 Location with a V2 Location

I’ve been a SmartThings user for several years. I own a V2 hub at home and I have only ever used the Classic app there. Working great.

I’m now starting to deploy SmartThings at work. We have a location with 2 x V3 hubs that was set up in the new app. I’m now finding out that the new app is not really ready for prime time and I’m trying to get the Classic app working with both locations. I’d prefer to share my work location with my home location, for obvious reasons. So I tried to do so and for the life of me cannot get it to work.

Trying from the new app seems to work, but the work location is still not accessible in the Classic app (and this has its own set of problems). So I tried from the Classic app. I got the email to my home account about having a location (Work) shared with me. I clicked the “Accept Invitation” button and at first, I was getting an odd error when signing in. A day or two later I tried again. I clicked the link, signed into my Samsung account (I have migrated per the instructions months ago) and now I’m getting an “Access denied” message (“We’re sorry, but you’re not authorized to perform the requested operation.”).

Has anyone had any success in getting this to work?

To the best of my knowledge, a “Location” is a “Location”. (i.e., there is no such thing as a “V3 Location” vs a “V2 Location”).

There is only one type of Location Object in the SmartThings Cloud. It shouldn’t matter how it was created nor what Hub(s) it contains.

The new app will allow you to have multiple hubs per location. The classic app can’t handle that, each Hub has to be its own location.

Even with the new app, each hub can only control its own devices, they don’t share devices. But it’s much easier in the new app’s UI to switch between them.

It does work though is the thing. I can sign into the Classic app with my work account and see everything just fine.

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If you use the New App to connect multiple Hubs to the same Location, and also add Devices to either of those Hubs, the Classic App is completely content to control those Devices, include them in cross-Hub Scenes, Routines, SmartApps, SHM, etc…

In other words, the Classic App has no way of adding multiple Hubs, nor adding devices to a specific Hub, but all other functionality interacts with the API of the Location Object; so the Classic App is completely isolated from the differences.

(1 Location) : (0, 1 or many Hubs) has always been the SmartThings Cloud data model. The Apps rarely have to interact with a “Hub” directly.


I think I’m going to stick to device specs… I can’t keep up with the two apps. :wink:

That makes sense. I can sign into the Classic app with my work account and it works perfectly, but sharing my work location with home account is still screwed up.