Classic app protect buttons from accidental pressing/trigger

Is there anyway/workaround to protect buttons in the classic app . ? a couple of times I have been flicking through the app and have inadvertently turned off a vital switch by catching it with my finger. Any option to put a safety check confirmation ‘are you sure’ type thing ? or anyone found a solution using virtual buttons ?


virtual buttons driving a webcore routine, or

I have changed the main tile to a non-interactive parameter of the device, like the power-metering switch on the fridge, the main tile is set to Watts

there are a few posts that touch on your issue, e.g.

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My recommendation, of course, is to avoid using the SmartThings App(s) for typical activities, and instead use ActionTiles where you can choose to not include sensitive devices on a Panel, or you can add PIN Protection to any such Tiles.

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Yes already use action tiles on base locations in house where I have tablets and would recommend as v good, but when I am away from home or just moving between rooms etc it is easier to grab my phone and open the app. Thanks .

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I only open the app to change automations. I do not use it as a control panel.
Actiontiles (as already mentioned) is a great tool for this. You can also use Sharptools, which allows you to create shortcuts on your android screen.

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Thanks for the mention of the SharpTools, Glen!

I would also recommend the dashboard which has options for protecting actions including via PIN protection or a simple yes/no confirmation prompt. It’s available on any device with a modern browser and can be installed to your homescreen ‘like an app’ on Android and iOS.