Classic App Finds Devices During Scan, New App Does Not

Gen 3 Hub. Tried to pair a Visonic MSC-340E Door Sensor. New ST App does not find it after multiple scans. Classic App finds it straight away. Have tried this three times with three different sensors, same result each time. Have Location and BT on (forced to turn these on with new ST App). Someone in a different thread told me it’s the Hub that does the pairing, both Apps are just a different UI for the Hub. I have to disagree with this as I get a positive result with Classic and negative result with ST so they are definitely functioning differently (as to be expected with a new ‘improved’ app over the classic). Guess I’ll just keep using the Classic for pairing devices that require a scan.

do you see all the devices that you have in the Classic app showing in the new app?

Yes, all devices in both apps and I can set up rooms, supported devices, Scenes, SmartApps, etc. in both as well. Just scanning is not working in ST App. And automations in ST App don’t show in Classic.

what device handler is being assigned to those devices when added through the classic app?

Visonics show up as SmartSense sensors (same as the ST Water Sensor). Custom DH for Bosch Motion.