Clare Controls Scene Controller

Wondering if anyone has tried this scene controller? Looking for something I can use with customization of the button labels.

I would be interested in this too. It looks nice.

Clare doesn’t design their own devices. I’m pretty sure that they rebranded Eaton Cooper for that one.

It’s a very old device (series 300, where the current generation is series 500).

There are some community members using it, but it’s not going to work exactly the way you expect. You can’t get the hub to recognize all the individual button presses, so some of them can only be used to control other zwave devices basically in the same room.

Ask further questions in the following thread:

It looks like Cooper controller. Give the DH JD suggest a try. The device works well with the hub with the exception of button hold (typically used for dimming). The DH also allows you to set up associations with other zwave devices for direct control.

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