Circadian cycle

I have always used a circadian cycle in ZigBee lamps with a @Mariano_Colmenarejo drive, where depending on the switching time the lamp adjusts the brightness and color. What is the best way to do this with a Matter lamp?

Ask Mariano to add his circadian code to the stock matter-switch driver :grinning:

SmartThings has its own circadian feature, it’s only available if you create a group with your Matter lights (if you want to create a group with only one light you’ll have to add a virtual light) and it’s a cloud-based feature. However, it will not change the brightness, only the colour temperature like Apple does.

Some Matter lights like WiZ, Nanoleaf or AiDot (Linkind and other brands) have their own circadian functions that you can set in their app. Each one is different though, may not be configurable and you may need the app to re-activate it, at least for Nanoleaf until Matter 1.3 scenes support becomes a reality in both Nanoleaf and SmartThings.

Having said that, WiZ for instance does not use sunrise or sunset times, so you have to constantly adjust the time during the year, plus you can’t pick the minimum brightness. Nanoleaf is more configurable but if you manually change the brightness or temperature it will not go back to the rhythm unless you use its app. Have not tried AiDot.

And, finally, custom drivers. I believe SmartThings does not provide a way for drivers to know the timezone or the sunrise/sunset times or when the daylight saving time starts. It’s a feature requested long time ago that would make many custom features so much better and easier to use.

I wonder if it’s still considered or just was discarded.