CinemaVision help

Does anyone have any experience using CinemaVision and SmartThings? I’m having some problems setting it up, and I have a few questions.

Please describe the issues you are encountering.

Kodi Callback Endpoint wasn’t showing up in my SmartThings app. I signed out, then signed in, and it’s there now. The other issue was that the light control is unstable in the newest Kodi. I downgraded, and it seems to be okay.

Good to hear. Things should be solid for you then. I wrote the original instructions over on the CinemaVision forums for integration into ST many moons ago. I know it’s out of date, but I haven’t had the chance to get any of my documentation out there updated recently.

Is it a fact that the light control doesn’t work with the newest version of Kodi? Also, is there an easier way to input the URL commands from SmartThings, to Kodi?

I haven’t fired up my theater in about 8 months so I haven’t been able to test the lighting control. For the URL portion, I usually just copy and paste the URLs into an email on my phone to myself, and then check my email from the PC. I have not found an easier way.

I’m using Kodi on a Shield, so that’s not an option for me.

Any idea why I’d be getting an error message when testing it out? It says 401 client error.