Chrome: Smartapp source code disappeared

Last night (sep 24th) around 6-7 PM EST I was working on a smart app and left overnight Saved/Published but still open. This morning I came back to my PC and clicked on the open source code screen. A message popped up saying my session had timed out and the IDE login screen appeared. I logged back in to the IDE and immediately was presented with a blank screen of my app. I tried reloading the app only to find there is no code what so ever.

I cleared the Chrome cache, rebooted my PC but no luck. It appeared the code was gone. In a last ditch effort I tried loading the source via IE. Success… It was all there. Made an edit, saved it and tried again loading it via Chrome. Nothing. Tried loading the source of all my other app with Chrome. No Problem.

I have notified suppport however, the problem appears to be, if not entirely, at least in part Chrome related. Anyone else experienced this problem??

This is a known issue and the fix should go out with our next release. To get it working again in Chrome prior to the release going out, you’ll need to clear localStorage (you can do it via the resources tab in Chrome’s developer console).

Sorry you ran into this one.

Didnt make any diff. Still cant see my code. :rage: