Christmas Music Roadblock

So what I’m trying to do is Say Alexa turn on Christmas (one Command) and my lights turn on and Christmas music plays . I had this figured out with the Echo talking to ST hub and my Harmony turning on tv to Christmas station & lights on Christmas Tree , but Direct tv hasn’t turned that station on yet .(not sure when they will) This new AT&T merger might have messed that up… The equipment that I have is a ST hub, Harmony Hub ,Echo ,apple tv & smart outlets etc… I should have everything needed but the harmony hub is so limited on what the buttons will do on a single Activity. Thanks

No reason to turn on Christmas channel until after the Turkey is gone. :wink:

It seems like your only issue is wanting the music from Directv . You could easily do is with 2 Alexa commands. Make a Christmas lights group in Alexa and put all your Christmas lights in it. .
1 Alexa turn on Christmas lights.
2 Alexa play Christmas music

Totally Agree with you After Thanksgiving is my Vote this is a request from the wife … I only want to say one command and multiple things trigger .

Once you get another source for the music you should be able to do it, Alexa does not allow you to start playing music and a skill actionin the same command ( AFAIK ) .

FYI, I will be up on the ladder hanging lights over the next 2 days. They just don’t come on until BF.