Christmas Lights, Zwave switches and surge protectors

Can I plug a power strip or surge protector to a zwave on/off plug?

Also, how do I create a rule to “turn on Christmas” and all my zwave switches, and osram lightstrips, and maybe some philips hue turn on. I would like to use google home voice command to turn it on too.


Yes, you can plug a power strip into a zwave plug as long as it’s not over the power limits of the plug.

I am not that familiar with Google Home but you can probably simply group all your devices in the Google Home app to turn everything that you want on. I know you can do that with Alexa. That will just work for voice commands.

If you need to control all those lights with a rule, then you’ll have to set something up within SmartThings, probably with WebCore.

I think you can crate a group within the google home app. Alternatively you can create a virtual switch and name it “Christmas”. USe CoRE to make all of the intended lights turn on when “Christmas” is turned on and off when “Christmas” is turned off. You can then tell google to turn on/off Christmas. I think you can also probable create a routine to do the same thing. So there are a few different options.