ChrisB's "Hallway Light at Night" - works great, need help making adjustment

Hi everyone. I’m using ChrisB’s “Hallway Light at Night” pretty successfully. I’m trying to get it to do the following but I’m not able to get it to work…

  1. Between 10pm and 6am, turn on lights at 20% if there is motion, off in 1 minute (this is the nightlight pathway mode).

  2. Between 6:01am and 9:59pm, turn on lights at 100% if there is motion, off in 15 minutes (I’m using this so we don’t have to actually hit a switch while walking around the home during the day.

Here is the hiccup - the app only fires if the light switch is not already on. I need another addition so that the app will not turn on the lights if the dim setting is changed. For example, between 10pm and 6am, if the light turns on and then someone changes the dimmer from 20% to 50%, it should not turn off (or turn off in a longer period, like 1 hour). The presumption is that someone is in the room and wants the lighting at the new dimmed level. If someone is just passing through, they won’t change the dim level.

Hope someone can help.



Bumping this because I think I could use this as well when I get a few more switches in play. I agree with the scenario and could easily see if happening in my house.

Bump one more time see if it is available

I use this app by @bravenel and it’s working great. Aren’t you the one requested it Brian?

@Navat604 - I didn’t bump this again. :smile: @bravenel’s code that he posted is awesome, though. Works perfectly and is something people go “that’s cool” when they see it happen… Highly recommend little SmartApp

Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t look at the date and thought both you guys bumping this thread :flushed: