Choosing a camera help

I am looking for recommendations for cameras to be used in my backyard and garage. I’m in the US. I use ST V3 hub and also have Alexa and Google available. I have read many threads about cameras and watched several YouTube reviews but would love input from people with actual use experience.

Currently using Ring Spotlight Cam Battery (2018)
Need something dog friendly (dogs are 55 pounds and under) and with PD.

With Ring:
even with PD on, I constantly get notifications from my dogs.
Motion detection alert is so delayed that person has usually left or on their way out by the time live view loads. (It has a strong wifi connection)

Currently using Wyze Cam V2
Wyze cam --> IFTTT --> ST Virtual switch to turn on/off based on presence

I use this to occasionally check status of garage as I often leave it open to vent the garage (hot climate).
I get motion notifications every time the light turns on/off or as the sun starts to set and light level changes.
I want to be able to turn cam on/off with routine based on presence without IFTTT.
Also want PD but not required.

My only experience is with Nest Outdoor Cams.

They’re not going to be any better than what you have. There is no, none, zero integration with SmartThings.

I regularly get motion detection from lighting changes such as clouds going over. And, in night mode, from bugs flying past the cam.

They regularly identify wild turkeys walking up my driveway as people.

And, like yours, person detection and notification is slow enough that whoever was detected, such as delivery person, has come and gone.

They’ve never identified my 65lb greyhound as a person, though.