Child devices not displaying data in new app

I’ve been noticing a lot of DTHs with child devices do not display properly in the new app. The child devices will be created but they will display no data (clouds show in each capability display)

Are there some known solutions to this issue?

I have a couple Aqara double rockers that use the stock ST child DTH called “Child Switch Health Power”, and those are working very well in the new app. I’ve not seen display issues, or performance issues. I can also control those devices with Alexa, and when I do I can see their state change immediately in the new app.

Are the child DTH’s you’re using ST’s, or custom?

Custom. I’ve been trying to fix this DTH:

The main device seems to work fine, the two child devices for each clamp do not, but I haven’t found anything obviously wrong with the DTH.

Try remove componentName and componentLabel. It doesn’t require them if it is not a component.

Then remove the child for it re-create again /OR/ delete & add device again.

This also fixes Google/Alexa device discovery.

[completedSetup: true, label: “{device.displayName} (Clamp {n+1})”, isComponent: false, componentName: “clamp${n+1}”, componentLabel: “Clamp ${n+1}”]

[completedSetup: true, label: “{device.displayName} (Clamp {n+1})”, isComponent: false]


This solution does infact seem to work.


Could someone please point me out where I must look for this part to change it?
I went through handlers and can’t even find anywhere components mentioned…

Use control+f

I did :slight_smile: but there is no components anywhere!

Just to make shore we are talking about
Classic God Aeotec HEM Gen5 handler.


Actually it is there, finally found it on line 191
Ctrl +F did not work