Checking cloud integration/automation

Not sure if this is the right place to post but new to the community and have a question. Forgive me if it’s been asked perhaps I did not word it right when searching. I have an automation set to trigger my TP link switch whenever the SmartThings contact sensor is open or closed. Lately there have been days where it won’t work and other where it works well and I’m not sure why. I can trigger the switch inside of SmartThings no problem. I have also tried turning the automation off and back on but no success. It does this for my Lutron switch as well. Am I missing something and if this has been answered would someone please link that thread. Thanks

Has the device been marked as offline during any of these periods?

The status of the switchs say online and execution location is cloud. The automations are currently not working however I can turn the switches on and off in smartthings app.

Same issue. Something is definitely broken. 100% on the SmartThings side.

I’m having a similar issue with all 4 of my Ikea switches. Been working perfectly for months since I added them.

Today they aren’t working. If I tap the switch while the app is open I can see the hub registered the button tap but the associated automation isn’t run.

Hope @jody.albritton is able to fix this for us!

@KOF @mbw1337 please fill out a support ticket if you haven’t already.

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