Check your Hub V2 Batteries: might be leaking! Recommended hub batteries?


Mine were leaking as well. :frowning:

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I checked my hub last night. All four batteries leaked. Why are so many hubs having issues with leaking batteries? This can’t be a battery issue since everybody have different brand and ages of batteries.

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It’s looking very likely to me that some hub update has caused high battery drain whilst installed. People like myself had batteries installed for most of the year with no issues, then suddenly found them corroded in a matter of weeks. Clearly people are reporting newly purchased kit also showing leaking batteries in a couple of months. Personally, I don’t think the batteries are to blame at all.

I’ve not replaced my batteries as it’s attached to a UPS now.


Might we suspect last firmware?
Why is there not a email to all customers to check it?
Must be significant numbers now.

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For the sake of the ST staff, same thing here. Rayovac bats (were fine a few months back) pulled all 4 cells as they were leaking. Hub is about a yr old. Threw rechargeable cells in, they were dead in 2 days. We’ll run without cells until sorted.

You’re right on the money, @einars! It really would be nice to see that kind of communication. There is no one that I know with a v2 hub who does not have a battery leak problem. Maybe we should start a thread for folks to say if they have owned a v2 hub for 60+ days and have no battery issues :wink:


Darn…2 sets in a row leaking, Rayovac & Duracell, luckily both times I caught it before any damage. No more batteries, on a UPC battery backup now…

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Well, darn. Wish I had seen this sooner.

You can imagine what the inside of my hub looks like.

I think you guys should have e-mailed all your users about this issue.

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Same problem here - same batteries that came with it and I have pulled them several times over the past year and they were always in good condition.

I sent and email to support

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WOW! This is crazy! I never trust batteries that come with devices, so I put in brand new Duracell. This was back in November, I opened mine up and to my surprise they were leaking. I cleaned the unit up, after that I tested to see if there is any voltage and there is .028 DC. This is what I believe is the issue. We all should of been warned about this.

Just ordered a UPS!


Email today:

On Monday, January 30, between 11:00 am EST and 2:00 pm EST, we will automatically update your SmartThings Hub to the latest firmware (version 0.16.12). The update is expected to take less than 10 minutes, during which time your SmartThings Hub will temporarily go offline and events scheduled for this time will not be processed.

This update improves Hub connectivity with the SmartThings platform, fixes an issue causing Hub backup batteries to drain faster than expected, addresses a Hub crashing issue when certain SmartApps are used, and adds capability to provide over-the-air firmware updates to Osram and Hue bulbs.

Thank you,
SmartThings Support

Still no email to all V2 users to check their batteries?

They just sent one.

SmartThings has discovered an issue with Hub 2.0 firmware version 0.16.9 which can cause the backup AA batteries in some Hubs to deplete more rapidly than normal. We are sending a firmware update to your Hub on Monday, January 30th, which will fix this.

If the AA batteries in your Hub have been depleted, we will provide you with a new set of AA batteries. Please submit this form within the next 30 days to learn how to receive your new AA batteries.

When checking the AA batteries in your Hub, please be aware that sometimes, when depleted AA batteries are left in a device, a white, crusty powder may form. It’s likely that you’ve seen this in other devices around your home, like flashlights. If you find this, you should dispose of the AA batteries and remove any remaining powder from the Hub.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

The SmartThings Team

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Kudos to SmartThings for their excellent service.

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It has to be design and/or software update! I’ve had my hub connected to a 1300VA UPS from day one so the internal hub batteries were never used, but they were leaking just like everyone here is saying. I didn’t check them until I got the email today from Smartthings advising they would provide a replacement set of batteries. Wow, I’m glad they at least sent the email or I would have never checked them and known about this stuff. I’ve even asked them to include an UPS monitoring to the hub software since I connected the USB cable from the UPS to the Smartthings hub. That way the hub could alert me when the UPS is on battery power. I also have my router and modem connected to the UPS so I never know if there was a power outage unless the whole internet in my area goes down and I get the hub not connected alert. Anyway, at least let’s hope this update coming today will fix it.

Never checked my batteries until i got the email this AM. Leaking all over the place :frowning:

I checked mine after I received the e-mail and 3 of the 4 batteries had leaked all over the inside. I purchased and installed it on 12/16/2016 and it’s never been on backup power for more than a couple minutes total when I moved it to different locations a few times. I’m not sure why these weren’t designed to use rechargeable batteries.

I’m really glad I got the Samsung email too.
I’ve never had batteries this bad… Worse than just crusty.

Quoting myself now… but I was right all along :slight_smile:


crap, i gotta check my batteries when i get home.