Check status of door sensors and report through sonos/echo?

I am building a DIY security system and would like:
me: Alexa, Good Night
Alexa: All perimeter doors are closed. Or, Garage door is open, all other doors are closed.

I have a ST Hub, 5 multipurpose sensors and a handfull of sonos and echos throughout the house. Can I do this with the new routine integration?

Youre going to need WebCoRE, and some smartapps (including Echo Speaks) to make this happen.

That said, what you’re asking for is entirely possible.

Would love to do exactly the same thing, and i have the same devices. So watching this topic.

I don’t know how Alexa is working, but it is easy to do with Google Home. You just need to define a Google Home routine Good Night and there define what the Google Home should do/answer. Like, Are the doors closed? and it would reply with its built in feature.

Does Alexa has this kind of “Routines”? You might don’t need any SmartApp or anything else, just the Echo device.

@nathancu is correct. I have that exact system that you desire to setup with ST, Konnected, Alexa, Echo Speaks, webcore and many of my Echo Dots. However, this is not a fire-and-forget system. I am nearly constantly tweaking the system to do more/better. I suspect everything you desire could be accomplished within the ST/Alexa environment. Those systems are generally improving every day. But I started this project with webcore and built around that. I have several pistons, some of them moderately complex, to address my needs. What you seek will require some time and effort. But the end product can be structured to your very specific needs/desires. Is my system perfect? Far from it. But when it is working correctly, my wife is very happy.

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It does, but only to control devices. My “Goodnight” routine will turn TV, lights etc off and read the weather and calendar for tomorrow but it wont speak the state of a ST sensor unfortunately. In fact when i create a routine, Alexa lists the ST multipurpose sensors as “unsupported” in the list of devices.

I can ask Alexa “Is the front door open” and it will respond with the correct state for example “Front door is closed”. But i cant find a way to report the state of multiple sensors just by saying an “Alexa, Goodnight” routine.

I cant find a way using only ST and Alexa along with a speaking SmartApp such al BigTalker/AskAlexa/EchoSpeaks. So i “think” WebCore is the only way. Unfortunately making pistons is beyond me.

Have a look at Simple Event Viewer, which you will find on a search through the forum. (You will also need a free google drive account to post the information to google sheets). Then get a free account at Voiceflow, which given the trigger ‘Alexa, load …’, reads the information from the sheet. Ive got it to report on battery / temperature levels on the door bell and on sensors which are difficult to get to. The Voiceflow tutorials on Youtube etc are fairly good and the link between it and Sheets it excellent. Simple Event Viewer has worked for me with no faults whatsoever for more than six months.