Check me, Did I miss anything: Suspected Zigbee Radio Failure (Hub v.2)

Ok team. Latest update.

After. My posts last night I changed absolutely nothing

As of now. It’s working.

Sometime between getting up this morning and now it’ just miraculously started working again.

I’ve just verified the list of things that did not change still have not changed. So if it’s interference it’s something that was not on that list.

Now I don’t know why it stopped or suddenly started again, but as of right now we’re in business… And very very confused.


Interesting! Do you happen to see any hub events called “hubinfo” or “register”?

Also, are you participating in the current hub firmware beta?

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Negative on both ghost rider… :worried:

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Could be a drone. No, seriously, it could be a drone. That’s a thing now. :disappointed_relieved:

Or it could be a SmartThings glitch, of course, because that’s been a thing forever. :scream:

Glitch in SmartThings - c’mon @JDRoberts, that’s crazy talk!

I live next to a military base - could be them… Seriously - jacked up one of my garage door openers 3 years ago. Every time a Blackhawk flew over the house the garage would open on its own.

If it’s a drone though - I’ve been wanting one - maybe I can catch it.


You definitely need a spectrograph. To see what is happening. It can be basically anything, what could jam your zigbee channel.
They might have tested a radar, or just had a malfunction.

You could record a baseline time to time what frequencies are active in your interest. And compare if something has changed.

Haven’t they finished using those? I cannot remember when I read about it, but it was definitely a few years ago.

I think so, but this was a few years ago and man was it annoying. Took weeks to figure out what was going on.

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