Cheapest UK ST Compatible LED Strip?

Hi All,

Does anyone have any suggestions for the cheapest LED strip solution for my ST setup?

I’ve had a look at the Dresden FLS-PP Module but that actually works out more expensive than the osram lightify flex that I was thinking of, albeit for more functionality as far as I’m aware.

Any other suggestions?

I Have a hue = expensive but the colour quality is great

I also have a dresden, works well and a posative isnyou can attatch a very very long LED Strip to it

so for example:
1 dresden + 20m led strip = £100
10 x 2m hue strips = £600

does the dresden come with a power supply or is that something else that i have to factor in?

i already have a small led strip that comes with it’s own remote - i’m wondering if i could repurpose it to save some cash?


No power needed - £5 online . . . Yes i used an existing led strip from some gadget shop i got years ago :slight_smile: worked a charm - if not led strips are cheap on ebay etc