Cheap tilt sensor modified to a door sensor

So I have a hand full of NYCE NCZ-3014 tilt sensors I got for only a couple bux on clearance. I really only need 2 for tilt but I need a bunch of door/window sensors and these things are the smallest devices I have seen. My plan is to buy a bunch of reed switches and magnets, remove the 2 tilt switchs on the board, and solder the new reed switch in at the pads that are on the edges of the board. This will essentially make the sensor look just like a NYCE NCZ-3011. After looking at the FCC documentation on these 2 devices, I found that they certified them together apparently because they are actually the same device with different contacts and probably just a minor software change, so in theory this should be pretty simple. Either way, it should work ok since the reed switch will just make contact when magnetized just like the tilt switch does