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Cheap Plugs? (UK) (zigbee or EU zwave)



This is what I see at the back of the switch


It’s the right format for a CE marking, but the wrong one for a 2016 Z-wave device. Do you know the manufacturer?

(Wayne) #23

I desperately need to improve the zigbee mesh but options are limited right now in the UK. These look very expensive, @Hilly_2015 what advantage does this have considering it’s not much cheaper than the official?

(Stephen Hill) #24

My network is very small in the grand scheme of things.

The only real smart devices I have are 5 x Osram Lightify bulbs, 1 x Fibaro Dimmer, 1 x SmartThings plug, 1 x SmartThings Motion Sensor, 1 x SmartThings Door Sensor.

I have an Amazon Echo and an Echo Dot but obviously they run separately.

(Stephen Hill) #25

After costing it up with the seller, it would save me roughly £20 to buy through him, than buying 2 official SmartThings plugs.

(Wayne) #26

Seems a very small saving considering the distance (warranty concerns) and the fact that I’ve never purchased any UK Smartthings outlets without a 20% discount so far, which pretty much brings the price to a very similar level.
If I was to purchase I would no doubt get the zigbee plug sockets, as there are a lot more z-wave options available for much less money in the UK. I recently bought 5 tkhome pocket sockets for less than £25 each.

(Stephen Hill) #27

How have you managed to get 20% discount if you don’t mind me asking? Everywhere I’ve checked seems to be roughly the same price.


You need to wait until they have promotion.

(Wayne) #29

In the last year there have been around 4 flash sales of smartthings. Each time the discount appears to be at 20%. The sales are either direct from Samsung or PC World. Problem in either case, is that stock levels have been atrocious in the UK and impossible to but more than 1 or 2 at a time.
Hopefully the fact that Amazon UK are selling out faster than it can be restocked is helping the company learn what an awful mistake it’s been using PC World to sell their product, but this has been covered elsewhere.

(Richard Smart) #30

and then you need to be very lucky. given how quickly the discount sale items run out, I suspect they only actually discount about 10…

(Richard Smart) #31

some more info on the tkhome pocket sockets would be appreciated. I’m sick of waiting for Samsung to sort their s**t out for stock control in the UK. They have promised for over a year yet still not delivering…

(Steve) #32

I am using TKB as well. Bought 2, very reliable so I have just bought another 2 for some outside crimbo lights (will be installed in a weather resistant box).

That one above is just on/off but they do one with current detection as well but Vesternet don’t have any in stock, nor have I seen them in stock for a while!

Make sure you get the Gen 5, or the Zwave Plus as the range is longer (ST is also Zwave plus compatible)

(Wayne) #33

Specifically this link for the 5 pack
Works out as £25.20 each. Much cheaper than smartthings but will not be able to help with improving the mesh for native smartthings or zigbee sensors.

(Stephen Hill) #34

Do the TKB wall plugs work with the Amazon Echo?

(Wayne) #35

Any device that has the switch capability in smartthings can be accessed via the echo even via the native connection. So yes.

(Rui) #36


Any experience with this plug?

(fabrizio) #37

two other cheap plugs

(Wayne) #38

Interesting but this is a UK thread so plug sockets need to be of the 3 pin UK variety.


That’s a Z wave plug, this thread is for zigbee devices.

That said, it’s a certified Z wave device, that should work for basic on/off. As far as the power meter reporting goes, it might need a custom device type handler.

(Kenneth) #40

Hi. Still new to smartthings. I presume the TKBHome plugs are also z-wave? How do I connect them to Smartthings, as I do not see the the plug under marketplace (in the app). Thanks!