Cheap GE Z-Wave gear at Fry's in Duluth, GA - are these prices right?


Am I seeing things? $19.90 for an outlet and 3-way dimmers? No shipping, only in store, and “while supplies last”.

Anyone around there can verify this? I’m headed to Athens at the end of February, and if this is real I may have to make a detour…

(Gene Kendrick) #2

I checked this a while back and I think they had 1 outlet in the store. There was some way I did a search on the website.

(Todd Wackford) #3

I just went down the whole list and within 100 miles they had one of the GE remotes. They’re definitely trying to clear inventory and it’s working.

(Cem) #4

Same thing in Phoenix but it is a total close out. Most items left are returns.