Cheap door sensor £15 (Orvibo mini)

just ordered one of these at just under £15, for those who dont need temperature like the samsung Multi Sensor this could be usefull. I haven’t tested it yet but see no reason why it couldn’t be added.

Already covered on this thread btw.

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Didn’t know that, feel free to close this then.

That thread is WAY to long to read… so do post your results here. Did they work? :slight_smile:

they’ve been shipped , so shouldn’t be too long.

They work fine with generic handler. No battery levels though.

Be interested to know if work as well please. How would you add them to ST using the iOS app then if it isn’t in the list of things?

I’m not bothered on temp, but if I can buy 2 for the price of a ST one then I would put them on windows as well for security etc.


They should pair as a Zigbee “thing.” Then you use the Developer Tools (IDE) to manually Change them to the device handler for a similar device.


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So you’d just go on iOS app and “add a thing” and it would auto find it and add in ok as a contact sensor.

Still learning, although been in the IDE, but not sure when you say to go there and change device handler sorry!!

Not quite.

It will just add it as a Zigbee " thing," not a sensor. ST doesn’t know what it is at first.

Once it has been added, it will show up in your list of devices when you go to the IDE at

Log in.

Choose My Devices.

Scroll down until you find the new device.

Click on its name to open its detail screen.

Scroll down to the very bottom of that screen and click the edit button.

Now follow the directions in the other thread as far as which device handler to change to. (“Device handler” and “device type” mean the same thing, both terms are used.)

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Thanks again for the instructions.

I’ve ordered one to see what happens to try also. If ok I’ll maybe order some more. Half the price of ST ones, although no temp and vibration which isn’t as important for me I don’t think as my current ST one I get lots of vibration notifications from my back door at random times so would suspect false alarms.

I’ll use them for other door and window detects, get 2 for price if one then!

Post back anyone who gets then and integrated ok, with screenshots for noobs like me!!

There are people who have them and are using them. Just check the thread I linked to above. You can ask your follow-on questions there. :sunglasses:

I’ve just installed two of the Orvibo Sensors and they work really well. They have a very neat attachment and allow for easy removal to change batteries. There is even spare stickers if the device needs to be moved.

As @JDRoberts has explained above, they are identified in the ST app however are “unknown” initially. So appear as unconfigured. His instructions are exactly what you need to do to point them to the correct device type in the IDE. Once you’ve updated the device type, they function perfectly. Here are some screenshots of the IDE area:

Ignore the fact that mine is already setup but click where I’ve highlighted. Then you need edit the device type:

I selected the highlighted device type and have had no issues with them. Let me know if this helps at all or if you’re looking for anything else about the setup. Was quite straight forward.


Great thanks for that, appreciate screenshots.

Did you also order from banggood to UK? How long did they take, and any fees etc?


I placed my order on the 23rd March and it arrived today. So that’s bang on 2 weeks to arrive.

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Still haven’t received mine yet. Email said dispatched 30th April but nothing yet.

If you install this device handler by @a4refillpad before attempting to add them to ST, it should pick them up properly instead of adding them as a “Thing”:

I’ve made a handler for the Orvibo Motion sensor, but haven’t tested the fingerprinting yet:

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@R2D2 I would say you should have them mid May if all goes well.

I’ve ordered 3 batches so far and each time within 2 weeks. Seems consistent.

Just turned up! Big box for small sensor. Will trial this weekend.

What situations are people using them in? I was going to use for all windows but bought some extra motion which can cover both windows now.