Cheap bulb to use as a sunrise, that i can control with SmartThings

I want to trial an LED bulb as a sunrise lamp that can be controlled with the SmartThings Hub.
Can anybody suggest a controllable bulb that is cheap and can be used for this function.
If it is effective i will probably spend more at a later date.

Thank you in advance, Steven

The Cree, GE, Philips Hue Lux, and Osram Lightify would all work for this. They range from 15-30/ea and are dimmable white bulbs.

Can you use each of these bulbs without their own hubs?

Yes, but you cannot update firmware on any of them without their own hub. The Osram’s really need the firmware update. I would guess the philips is maybe ok without it, but don’t know for sure as I connect their hub to st.

I have never updated firmware on my cree, or ge links

So really i would be better buying the hub to go with the bulb?

Check for the starter pack, you can get some lights and the hub.

If you’re going to get a phillips, or osram bulb I would recommend it. Many people in the community connect their hue hub to ST even though they could connect the bulb straight to it, because of the flexibility of the integrations available with the actual hue hub.

Brilliant, thank you for the very prompt advice.
Do you have a preferred bulb for the sunrise that i am looking to create?

I don’t use any of my bulbs with a sunrise mode that you speak of, when you do get them check out Rule Machine to make it happen.

My thoughts on the bulbs are:

I like the look of cree, but bugs and things can get in the bulb…

The GE Links run hot, I wouldn’t put them in an enclosed fixture(I don’t think any of the smartbulbs are “Supposed” to be in an enclosed fixture but I do it anyways with some). I think they are kind of ugly, and heavy. And have had 1 or 2 not work out of the box, it was a simple return/exchange though.

Hue is growing on me, I have the innate problem of trying to find the “next big thing” and usually ignore the current market leader. But at the time of me getting bulbs these were very expensive and have come down a lot. These are very popular in the community, and like I said before if you use their hub it can integrate with more things.

I am just getting into the Osram stuff, They have some color recessed lights that will be outfitting my basement with. I have 2 standard white bulbs and 1 color working right now and they’ve been pretty decent, but the color bulbs especially need the firmware update. Osram is a large company in the light industry and I am expecting to see good things.

I also have some Aeon Color bulbs (Z-wave) but as you were talking about budget didn’t bring them up as they are closer to $50ish/ea My Aeons aren’t hooked up to ST so I can’t comment on that integration, but there are community thread about it around here. These are Large bulbs, you will see some size comparisons on it’s thread. I think these need a firmware update as well but am not positive.

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It’s not cheap, but I use the IRIS for the night table lamp and the sunrise wake up. It’s quite nice because you can simulate the sun.

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Osram recently updated their Tunable White bulbs and app to create a simulated sunrise. You’d have to use their Lightify hub. It won’t have the same color range as the Hue IRIS since it’s only white color temp.

There are ways (Rule Machine) to emulate this type of thing too if you connect directly to ST.

Thank you once again for your time.
Budget is in mind initially whilst I suss out what they can do.
Thanks again, steven

Thank you, i haven’t heard of those. I will have a look at them.

Thank you. I will have a look at those. Initially I will be looking at white bulbs.

Do you mean actual color or the slow build of brightness?

I use GE Link bulbs with the ST hub and Gentle wake up smartapp. Works fine for gradual light increase.

GE does make a daylight bulb thats more closer to actual sunlight but its about $5-10 more expensive.

That’s the sort of thing i want initially - a gradual build up of brightness. Thanks.
You guys have given me a bit of homework. Will have a look at all the suggestions, they are much appreciated.

Just note that cree bulbs hum when they are on dimmer switches and don’t dim very low using ST.

cheers for the advice

You shouldn’t put Any of your smart bulbs on dimmer switches, Even if the packaging says you can IMO.

Cree bulbs do not hum in an on/off switch.

Yes I learned this the hard way. I usually don’t like using bulbs. My house has all zwave switches but my kitchen didn’t have a neutral wire and I use LED bulbs. Once I removed the dimmer switch the hum was gone.