Cheap 2-Wire SmartThings Garage Door Opener?

Yes, with port forwarding…my version is a still image but i think some else was working on streaming video

How do you detect your external ip

The easiest way is to type “What is my IP” into Google. It will return your public IP Address.

External IP would be whatever your ISP provides, hopefully it is static so you don’t have to update frequently.

Google seems to always be a good answer :slight_smile:

*You’ll also have to setup specific port forwarding to the internal IP. Before you do, I would make sure your camera is password protected as it will no longer be protected by your firewall.

I would also recommend a static LAN IP for the camera. If not, sooner or later your DHCP server is going to issue it a new IP address and your port forwarding will break.

You’ll also need some type of DDNS service running on either the router or the camera for the times when your WAN IP address changes, unless you have a static through your ISP, but that’s extremely rare for residential service.

It’s not is there not way for the hub to detect it?

Not that I’m aware of, especially if using unsupported cameras.

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