Charging bulbs that work with Smartthings

We have been experiencing a bunch of power outages due to storms on the east coast. I ordered these on Amazon and they work great.

I was wondering if there is a version of these that I can use with ST as normal. And when power goes out they continue to work until the integrated battery is depleted. Would be a cool idea but not sure this is available based on my google research.

Most bulbs of that time will work just like a regular bulb and you can swap out the existing dumb switch for a smart switch and get smart things control that way.

However, some will not work with a smart switch, and it’s hard to tell in advance. You may just have to try it and see.

The following brand has a warranty so you can return it if they don’t work with your particular switch/wiring

I don’t know of any smart bulbs of this type as I think there’s just not enough room for the radio as well.