Chaning Icon's in the Smartthings App not working (May 2023)

Recently I noticed when I try to change an icon in my Smartthings App, it’s not working. With all the new updates for Matter, is this affecting my z-wave switches?

For example, I have a switch that controls the fan, but now I can’t change the icon to a fan.

A number of people have reported this in multiple threads, it just seems to be a recent change. The best thing is probably to report it as a bug to support. The more people who do that, the more likely they are to consider changing it back.

Thank you! I will submit a report.

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May 2023 & my fan device icon edits don’t hold.
They used to show as a fan, but this week they now show as a switch icon. When I edit the icon back to fan, the change doesn’t take.
If this was a known problem in 2015 surely it’s time to get it fixed?
Using iPhone 14 Pro Plus with iOS 16.5

As you noted, you originally replied on a thread that was several years old, and in that time, the issue had indeed been fixed.

However, it reappeared as a new problem within the last week or so, so I have moved your post to the current thread discussing it. :thinking:

I am able to change icons back to the downlight/recessed light again (that was the only one that stopped working for me recently).