Changing 'tracked state' without signalling change of state

Controlling TV, Sound Bar, PVR, and Console via Harmony Hub.

I have the simple stuff set up, so that I can turn on, and turn off, but now I am trying to add some more dynamic controls, such as enable & disable closed captioning, volume up & down, pause & un-pause, etc.

In my Harmony Hub, I can create an activity for “turn ON closed captioning” that will perform several commands, and then also an activity for “turn ON closed captioning” that will navigate to select to turn off.

Within Harmony, I can just select “TV Activity” to turn it on, select “Turn ON Captioning”, and then “Turn OFF Captioning” … the Harmony is able to change from an “Active” Activity to the next, without turning off my device (i.e. change from TV to Subtitle ON without Turning OFF the TV first)

I thought that in ST I could just create a Scene for each of these. The issue is, that the Scene is switch, so it remains on until it is set to turn off. Thus, if I Turn ON my closed captioning, the only way I can get my ON switch back to OFF, is to Turn it off … which turns off all included devices (TV/PVR/Sound Bar)

Is there a recommended way of doing something like this? Maybe a DTH that will automatically update it’s “SWITCH STATUS” to OFF after ‘x seconds’ without sending the trigger back to Harmony Hub to send the state change?

Maybe there is a better way of enabling this sort of automation altogether?

FYI - Activities I am trying to add:

  • Captioning On
  • Captioning Off
  • Sound Bar Mute
  • Sound Bar Un-Mute
  • Sound Bar Volume Up
  • Sound Bar Volume Down
  • PVR Pause
  • PVR Un-Pause
  • PVR Last Channel