Changing the Voice of Alexa

It was a pain in the butt, but I spent a good amount of time porting all of my custom skills over to English U.K., just so Alexa will speak with a British accent.

I almost feel like I’m talking to Gideon from Legends of Tomorrow.

From this forum, I have EchoSistant, Ask Alexa and Alexa Helper all ported over with no problems.


I’ve thought about doing that myself…

please, what entails the process?

How many other custom skills do you have from other forums? I don’t envy you, when all developers decide to push a new version and you have to update everything all over again. :smile: Glad you got them all working with no problems…

Actually there’s just two from this forum since Alexa Helper doesn’t have a skill. And the only other unofficial skill I have running is one for Google Search.

So I have maybe 12 EchoSistant profile skills, the main EchoSistant skill, an Ask Alexa skill and Google search.

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When you open the skill in Amazon Developer, you should see a tab to add a new language.

After you select the new language, and input the skill name and intent, the ARN gets copied over from your U.S. skill, but nothing else.

So the biggest PITA was if you try to add – say – the main EchoSistant schema, and then try to add the custom slots, the skill will try to save after adding each slot but errors out because the schema references slots that aren’t present yet (I hope that made sense).

The work around I found was to spoof it at first just to get something built using a schema with only one slot. I actually used the EchoSistant profile schema, sample utterances and slot.

After the spoofed information was saved, I went back and added all of the real custom slots, then the actual schema and sample utterances.

And that’s it :slight_smile: The weird thing was having to spoof the schema, slots and utterances. But for some reason, when Amazon copies over that ARN, it makes building the skill a real headache.