Changing the time zone

Is there a way to modify the original information (such as latitude, longitude, time zone) when moving the SmartThing hub to a new location without having to re-enter all the devices and without having to re-create all the scenes and automations?

I have sent an email message to the SmartThing Support team but I have not received a reply … 3 weeks later!

Thank you for the assistance.

In the ST app, on the Favorites screen click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen, tap on Manage Location then click on the address field

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Go to Mobile App, Menu tab in lower right, Gear in upper right, choose get your location from this phone, and set your location.

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If you only have one Location, or you are already using the one you want, you can save one tap/click by going to the three dot menu upper right on the same screen and choosing ‘Manage {{location name}}’.

Thank you all of you…

I cannot believe that the procedure was that simple - now I have two solutions to adjust the time zone:

  • one by modifying my current home address or location under the ‘Geolocation’ option;
  • the other by letting the SmartThings app getting the location using the Android software.

I had already set the ‘Geolocation’ option with my current address - all I will need to do will be to enter the new home address or location.

I sincerely appreciate your assistance.

Thank you very much… Ray.

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