Changing STHM states too often

Every time I am testing my system, and I am switching STHM among DISARM, STAY, and AWAY, the phone app locks up, and on occasion I end up with a “server error”. It’s as if changing the STHM state too often, or too soon, causes the program to choke.

Anyone else experience this? Is it common?

I have some syncing automations which align STHM state and modes and virtual switches, all at the same time, and I wasn’t sure if this was causing the issue, or if it’s a broader issue with STHM.


I experienced STHM changes being rate limited too. I also remember an old thread somewhere on here that lists the rate limits of many things, if it’s still current. It was a real PIA trying to troubleshoot STHM with the rate limits in place.