Changing speed of Leviton 3-Speed Fan Controller with Ubi

I can get Ubi to turn my fan on/off but cna’t figure on how to get it to change the speed. Any suggestions?

Can you change the speed inside of smartthings? You will likely need to expose this as an endpoint and use a ACB action on the UBI to call the url for changing speed. It will not be an automatic thing with the UBI

Yes I can in Smartthings. I somewhat follow your suggestion but I am weak in the programming area.

  1. need to expose this as an endpoint = use “Authorize App Endpoint Access to access your SmartThings”? How do i exposed the endpoint fan speeds?
  2. use ACB action uBi to call for URL for changing speed. I’ve done this kind-of using the “Garage Door Monitor with Ubi” written by chrisb. I obtained the URL from UBI and entered in his app which can be used for any door.
    2a. How do I obtain the different ACB urls for the different speeds?

I hope this thought process or soemthign close makes sense

It will have to be a custom smart app that creates the three urls. If you search “oauth endpoint example”, you will see many different ways of achieving this. There is a good example in the developer docs as well.