Changing Smart Lighting operation based on mode

First, apologies if this has already been covered and I just suck at searching.

I have Smart Lighting set up to have a 9 lights in a room mirror a smart dimmer. I’d like to have that the ‘normal’ operation, but have it change when the system is in Night mode so that only 4 lights come on when the dimmer is turned on and those 4 are fixed at 1%. Is there a way to do that?

You would need to create two separate smart lighting rules for each mode to accomplish this. At the bottom of the rules, click on More Options to select the mode for each.

Rule 1
Turn on all lights in mirror mode
Select More Options and choose either by set time or during a set mode as day

Rule 2
Turn on only the 4 lights at 1 %
Select more options and choose either the set time or during a set mode such as nighttime


Dang that sounds exactly like what I was expecting, except I can’t find the “More Options” anywhere. Not in the new app, classic app, or IDE. Can you clarify where I can go to select the mode for each Smart Lighting automation?

My bad… not available with the mirror option but available with turn on. So you can turn on light(s) using a switch and then set during specific modes.

I see that now that you point it out. That sucks.

It seems like no matter what, the mirror functionality overrides any other automations I set up. If I delete the mirror function, then I can get lights to stay off in night mode. Is there any way to make it so that isn’t the case?

Is there any way to set the level of a dimmer without actually turning the dimmer on? I’m thinking that if I can force the dimmer to 1% when I engage night mode, then I might be able to work with this. From what I’ve been able to see so far, to force the dimmer to 1% I’d have to turn it on, set to 1%, then back off. This is a kid’s room, so turning the lights on to do that is a no-go.