Changing Simulated Switch to Virtual Switch for Local Processing

Looking in the firmware 21.12 release notes thread it was mentioned that all you had to do was swap your simulated switch to a virtual switch to enable local processing.

I’ve tried this on two simulated switches and after I try to update the device I get an HTTP Error 403 page. I have the hub specified as per the directions also.

Is this something I’m doing wrong or is this an issue with something out of my control?

I’ve done several with no problems.

A common issue unrelated to the virtual device or FW update. You can try later or run your browser in incognito/private mode as a workaround.

Thanks. Switched to incognito window and was able to swap them all over.

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Excellent. This worked for me as well. I’m also wondering about converting On/Off Button Tiles and Momentary Button Virtual switches. Probably not for the Momentary’s, but hopefully it can work for the On/Off’s.

Wow, this was a nightmare in my situation. I have four simulated switches controlling the thermostat and home security which work fine when I use the simulated switch. BUT, when I changed them over to the new virtual switch that runs locally, everything went NUTZ! The virtual switch was in a constant loop of on/off when it was triggered. This morning I have a routine for when things start happening to turn off the home security virtual switch and it constantly kept going on an off changing the home security from disarmed to armed constantly. I changed them back to simulated switches and things are now back to normal. Very strange behavior.

So, check your logs to see if the virtual switch is running the way you expect it to.

Update: I was able to resolve my situation by changing a few automation routines and adding a few more to split up some of the functions. Seems I may have self inflicted myself in the way I had the routines programmed which worked with simulated switches, but virtual switches didn’t like the routines. Anyway, I’m now rocking virtual switches running locally which I tested by disconnecting the hub from the network and using my mini remote to activate one of the virtual switches. Success!

Update: After a week or so of it running solid, this morning the virtual switches went ‘knutz’ again and constantly kept firing. When it switched on, it kept going on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, until I unplugged the hub to stop the stupid thing! Same thing when it was switched to off, and off, and off. Had to go back to simulated switch again. Why it would work day after day and then go knutz is beyond me. It worked for a whole day after the latest update on Thursday, so I’m not sure if that had anything to cause it to do this.