Changing modes

I am having difficulty getting ST to automatically change modes based on Sunrise/Sunset.  I have it set up Sunrise/Sunset app this way:

At Sunrise…
Change mode to? - Day
Turn on? n/a
Turn off?  - Front Porch light

At Sunset…
Change mode to? - Night
Turn on? - n/a
Turn off? - n/a

Offset- none

Zipcode 775##

Assign a name… Sunrise/Sunset

Set for specific mode(s) - All Modes

This app seems a little wonky - Why does the ‘change mode to’ option not populate with a drop down list of all the modes you’ve already made?  Having to type it in again seems silly.  Also, in the list of smart apps, there should should be a differentiator for smart apps for ones that are running all the time (like this one)and ones that are have to be triggered (i.e, turn on light) - maybe a glowing green dot for ones that are ‘active’ ? I don’t know… then maybe you could suspend them temporarily if you wanted to?

And speaking of typing it in again, apparently I used that sunrise/sunset app but put in ‘day’ instead of ‘Day’ when I added the new mode in the list of modes, so I got a push notification that it tried to change to mode ‘Day’.  This is almost user-hostile behavior.

Never thought about capitalization being a factor.  Will have to check on that when I get home.  However it magically started working last night.  Sense am going to be getting home so late to night…will try it again.