Changing Location Mode via a switch

I have been unable to find a simplified answer in the community but I’m sure this has been covered many times.

I want to add the ability to change the location mode by a switch in addition to using mobile phone presence. This will be used when I’m away but I have someone trusted in the house.

I have read about using fibaro 2 dimmer s2 input as a method of making changes to scenes etc, is this something I can adapt for my purposes? At the moment I have the ability to add a separate momentary switch to a dimmer 2 being used at the front door so this would be perfect.

If my suggestion is possible, how do I stop the hub from switching back to away if the only person in the home is a guest?

Do you use webcore? (theres a few ways to skin this cat)

No, sorry I don’t use webcore.

It was on my road map a few years ago but I have managed to do all i need with native smartthings controls. I now understand with the new app, which I have migrated to some 3rd party development platforms support is up in the air?

Can I achieve this without webcore?

Possibly. The issue with the Fibaro S2 is that to use it you need Scenes support and Scenes are not available in ST automations. Hence using Webcore for that bit.

You could use a button like the Xiaomi ones (or something more supported in ST)and run an automation - when single press on button, change security mode to home.

The issue is to keep the security mode as ‘home’ while the guest is home but a member arrives and then leaves again. I would do this in two stages. Create virtual switch called “Guest Home”. Then create an automation that toggles the switch each time the button is pressed. Then make the virtual switch part of the automation that controls the security mode so that only when everyone has left AND the switch is off will the move change to away. For the arrive one it could be someone arrives OR the switch is on.

I created a virtual switch called Sitter Mode. When it is set to On, my alarm automation will not Turn on. I put the virtual switch on the first group in my app so that I can turn it on and off easily.

My automation to set the alarm is:

If (all conditions) Sitter Mode=off and (select users) All away from home
Then: Change security mode (Armed Stay)

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Do you need a physical switch?

I have a Location Mode named Gone that I use when we are out of town for trips, etc.

I set the Location to that Mode using a scene and manually trigger the scene after we leave.

When we return home after a trip, normal geolocation automation sets the Location Mode back to Home. And geolocation handles Home/Away mode changes.

I have some automations that are conditioned to only run when the Location Mode is either Home or Away so they don’t fire when we’re truly Gone.

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No physical switch is required.

I am just using SmartThings Home Monitor and some automations to turn it on and off depending on people coming and going, unless Sitter Mode is on, then it never turns on.