Changing IDE Shard

I’d like the ability to move shards too, I’m in Singapore and somehow I got the EU shard instead of the AP shard.

People are saying there’s not going to be a difference in cloud responsiveness between shards, but shouldn’t things respond faster if the cloud server is physically closer? Unless all the shards are actually all located in one location…

I doubt there is a significant difference in speed. There are many other factors at play. For example, I may be physically located closest to the NA01 Shard, but that Shard might also have the heaviest workload and not yet hit the relevant scaling parameters.

To get a rough measure of raw latency to your physical location, there’s this nifty tool (pings AWS regions).

I believe that Shards are correlated to AWS Regions, Availability Zones or some other AWS data-center unit.

97ms vs 21ms for me - not much on a single transaction, but when you consider that most activities have a bit of back&forth, it adds up quickly.

Sorry to tell you, but you are replying to a 2 years old answer. And @tgauchat has passed away a few days after that reply.