Changing driver from generic Z-Wave Device driver

I’m trying to use a NorthQ Q-Power device with SmartThings. It’s not recognised at all, so the app seems to just detect it as generic Z-Wave Device.

Apparently, it supports quite a few normal Z-Wave classes, including things like “COMMAND_CLASS_METER_V2” which I’m hoping are supported with SmartThings in-built drivers and it’s just the fingerprint meaning SmartThings doesn’t know what it is.

Is there any way to try and get SmartThings to recognise other capabilities of this device?

I’ve had a play with the CLI app to change its driver but I get the error “Device class DTH does not support LUA drivers”.

Hi, @cocodude. It’s great having you back in the Community!

This means there’s not a compatible handler for it so, it is connected to the Generic one.
The company NorthQ would have to certify those devices to add a handler for them on ST.

You need to develop your own integration for it. As this is a Z-Wave device, you need to develop an Edge driver.

As your device’s fingerprints aren’t included in any of the standard drivers from ST, it is connected with the DTH.
Do you know which command classes are supported by your device? If not, you can do the following to see them in the CLI logcat

  1. Enter the official ST channel invitation: SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things., enroll your Hub and click on “available drivers”
  2. Install the Z-Wave Switch driver. It will detect any Z-Wave device thanks to its generic fingerprint (z-wave thing).
  3. Enable the logcat for that driver (smartthings edge:drivers:logcat) and when it gets paired, you’ll see a log where the supported classes are printed.

After checking which classes are supported, you can see if there’s already a driver that can help you as a reference.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hi @nayelyz and thanks for your response.

I doubt NorthQ will write a driver. They don’t seem to respond to emails at all.

I’ve installed the Z-Wave Switch driver, and Electric Meter devices, removed the device from SmartThings, re-added it but it still gets only detected as a Z-Wave device, and thus I can’t change the driver to something else. Because of this, unfortunately logcat doesn’t show the device.

Any idea why this is happening?

In the case of the generic fingerprint of Z-Wave Switch, I don’t know why the driver is not picking up the device, it might have lower priority than a DTH because the migration hasn’t been completed.
About the “Electric Meter devices”, I don’t know what you mean, are you referring to another driver?

I installed the “Electric Meter” device handler because, essentially, this is an electric meter and this seems similar to one of the Z-Wave classes the product documentation suggests it supports.

Is there any other easy way to try and get SmartThings to use another driver without fully writing my own device driver? I’d even happily install some hacked version of a generic driver if I can give it the device fingerprint somehow.