Changing Actions based on my movement speed

Ok Here’s the situation I have: When I ride my bike or drive the car I would like for the garage door to open when I arrive, however if I’m out for a jog or walk I would not like it to open, just the side door of my house unlocks instead. Is there a way to monitor my current speed in conjunction with my presence sensor and then make decisions based on that? I am just starting to learn the code, but thought I would post before I dug too deep. I would have to set a limit at 8.0 mph or something like that (assuming I don’t try and sprint home!)


Are you saying you would have your phone with you and would use the phone to detect the type of activity (car, walking, biking)? If so, which phone OS are you using?

joshua_lyon: exactly! I’m using IOS 8, Iphone 5s…

I will have to defer to the iOS gurus. I only know of a way to do it with Android. :speak_no_evil:

Hmm… I just recently heard about LIFTTT which is an app that uses location to interact with IFTTT. I wonder if you could do something like set up a virtual tile in SmartThings… setup of LIFTTT so that if you get outside of a specific range (the idea being if you drive or bike you’re likely going to be outside the range, but if you’re just out for a walk then you’re likely still inside the range), then it turns on the tile. Next setup an app so that it opens the Garage when you come home ONLY if the tile is on.