Changes to DTH presentations

Recently (let’s say sometime in the last few weeks), I have noticed that my buttons still using DTHs have, without any intervention from me, changed from showing the button attribute (with the faked standby state) in the app dashboard tile status to showing the battery percentage. This means the icons are now permanently active and you have to go to the detail page to see presses. Those buttons using Edge drivers are unaffected.

Today, over on Reddit, I mentioned this in response to a user who no longer saw inactive icons for his contact sensors and was having to use the detail pages and he realised that he too now had battery percentages instead of the contact attribute in the dashboard tile status.

In the current circumstances this isn’t really a big deal, and I haven’t looked to see if anything has changed at the device config/presentation level, but it is still odd.

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The display on the Groovy Smart Weather tiles changed from temperature to lux a couple weeks ago

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A bunch of my DTH backed device icon logic has changed too. The fan icon no longer spins when active, the garage door sensor always shows open. I’ve only noticed it on my custom DTH devices.

The spinning fan no longer is animated on all devices including Edge devices.

It animates on my Edge driver.

I am using an Android 13 phone and I don’t get any spinning of the fan icon when it is on.

Android 10. This driver is my own enhancement of the beta edge fan driver from ST. I didn’t change the presentation any.

I submitted the changes needed for the Leviton fan controller as a pull request if you’re curious. Added switchLevel capability support. Parameter support for Leviton 4 speed controller. by csstup · Pull Request #241 · SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers · GitHub