Changed the label of a device in the web app and it disappeared

When I originally installed my Yale YDR210 lock I quickly just labeled it “lock” and everything went fine for a while. Then just now I was in the web app and changed the label to “front” and found that it disappeared from my mobile app and from the web app upon refresh. I can’t even find it to unpair it. Is my only recourse to do a hard reset on the lock and re-pair, or is there a way to find it?

The web app is the IDE. Did you login at ? Also, look under My Locations to see if there may be two locations. Possible it got moved to the 2nd location if there is an extra one.

If there isn’t a second location and the device is still missing, check the device list again to see if you accidentally named it something else. Otherwise your only option would be to exclude the device and pair it again.