Changed from home to away


For some reason & I have not been able to find it, my hub sometime between 9PM & 6AM changes from home to away (armed). This has been going on for about the last week to 10 days. (maybe long but just noticed) Anyone have an idea what maybe causing this or what to do to correct it.
Hub does not go off line during this time. Any place to check logs?
Thanks Mike

(John) #2

Leave the ST IDE open to live logging.

(Mark) #3

You should check the settings on all your routines. Maybe one of them is set to arm SHM and run automatically at night.

(Hendre) #4

I have a similar issue. I asked for assistance here - so far, I’ve had no luck in finding the culprit. It sometimes happens twice a day, other times, days would go by without it happening. The last two times it happened, it occurred twice in 6 hours. After that, more than 24 hours have passed without it happening.


I have no routines

Leave the ST IDE open to live logging.
How do I do this?


(Hendre) #6

When in the IDE, click on Live Logging at the top of the page and leave the web page open.
The problem I have with doing that is that one has kept the page open 24 hours a day until the culprit has been caught and I find that after about two hours, the web page hangs - probably a memory issue because the page becomes too large?


Thanks will turn it on tonight & see if I can catch him.

(John) #8

If you use webCoRE you could create a piston that looks for SHM to change to armed away between 9pm and 6am. Once it changes, have the piston change it back and send you a push notification with the date & time. This will at least let you know if it’s happening at the same time and then you can fire up live logging right before it happens.

(Hendre) #9

I created this piston with more or less that in mind. And to change the mode back to what it should be (in my case “On Holiday”) while I’m away on vacation:


Could someone write a simple piston to track the change for me? I have no idea where to even start as being new to webcore.
All i currently have written are simple on & off pistons.
Thanks Mike


Ok it has been a while & I am still have the problem of SH changing to away/ armed sometime at night.
I have turned on live logging & have not been able to find the change so tried using this piston. Being very new at piston creation I know something is wrong with this. I am not getting any notifications to my phone for one.
Maybe someone can help me get this working.
Thanks Mike

(John) #12

Try this guy. I don’t have a Home mode so you’ll need to change that part.


Tried piston last night did not get any notification. Hub changed from home to away. I used your piston & added my cell phone number something else needed?
Thanks Mike

(John) #14

Can you post your piston here?

(John) #15

Here’s another one. I made a couple of adjustments but don’t wait until tonight to see if it works. Change the time restriction and then set you your SHM to away and make sure you get an alert. Or, create a virtual switch and test with that.


John this is the first one I used


Here is the second one you asked me to try still no notification.
It has to be me doing something wrong.


tried using both email & phone number & no reply. I know it is me just can not figure it out.

(John) #19

This one worked for me.


I installed piston as is only changed
set location mode to home-day
set location mode to home
That is what I have on my hub.
How do I get the push notification?
normally it is an email or text message.