Changed Cell Phone Carriers - Can't Add New Phone

I change my family’s iPhones from Verizon to AT&T (I was already on AT&T).

Can’t get my wife’s phone to show up as a presence sensor. Mine still shows, but everytime I try to add her, it says it already a presence sensor and will not let me add.

I even tried inviting her again with a different email and still it will not register the phone. Mine still shows up fine since noting changed on my phone.

App also show her as an account user, but as we know will not let me change anything?

Suggestions or more facts needed?


Known bug with V2 is the inability to add/remove change users.

I have a V1 hub, but assume software issue the same as V2?

Yes software Vers 2, not Hub Vers 2 LOL

Is this still an issue since 2015?

I’m having the same problem, won’t detect my wife cell phone. Added her as a user and logged in with he account on her cell phone, but only mine shows in the “things” list. Thanks

on her phone, go to Marketplace: Sensors: Presence Sensors: Mobile Phone

Great, thank you