Change TV and Stereo Input

Hello all

A newbie here. I read posts about the topic but remain unclear so I thought I’d explain my situation.

So, here is the current setup and what I’d like do. Currently, when I select watch tv all of the devices, tv monitor, cable box, and stereo turn on and the correct inputs are activated.

What if like to do…

I use my computer to stream content which is viewed on the tv monitor, with sound coming from the stereo. I am trying to set up commands or activities that would allow me to change the tv monitor input to HDMI II and the stereo output without epithet device turning off then on.

I have gone through the device setup for the tv and stereo and changed the setting so that it is always on until the off button is selected, and I tried leaving on always and neither option works.

It may be important to note, I previously used a harmony 700 remote and supply copied the settings to the new remote which is a harmony companion and hub.


Sounds like you need to create a new activity in the Harmony app. In the new activity for watching the computer, make sure all of the devices are added, even is you aren’t changing any inputs on them.

All of my devices are added. When I try to set a new activity the first
thing harmony does is to set the device to power on, even when it’s already
on or if I set the power option to always on unless pwr button is pressed.

After you select this, what did you pick in the next screen? If I remember correctly I had to select “my remote has a button for power on and power off.” My remote has 1 button that toggles power, but I selected like above.

Now I did this a while ago, so I might be wrong.

Here’s what works for me

My TV and receiver are set to this under power settings

Here is my pause activity. It doesn’t turn anything off and only pauses the fire tv.