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Change tstat setting based on mode

(Alan) #1


I have routines that change my tstat temp based on time of day while I am home.
If I leave on holiday, I’d like the routines different.
How to setup a routine to run based on the mode? When home, 1 routine runs. When away different routine runs?
I’ve looked but cannot find the answer.
I am running the classic app and the new app so can use either to set this up.


( - Make your home your butler!) #2

Check out this Topic:

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(Bryan) #3

You could also do something with webCore predicating with “Only When”.

(Alan) #4

Thank you.

I just purchased a license and will check it out this weekend. Might be quicker than learning to write one or learning webcore.


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(Alan) #5

Thank you.

Webcore sounds good also. Gonna try the rboy app first and see if that does what I want.

I’m kinda surprised there is nothing already setup by Samsung … seems like a common thing to want automated.