Change to Standard Time handled where?

(Dave Bell) #1

My furnace kicked on an hour too early this morning, using Hello Home, Warm Up action set to a specific time.
Evidently ST did not account for the switch back to Standard Time.

Where is this handled? Hub? ST Servers? …and what should I do about it?

(Hubert Simon) #2

Anyone has the answer? I’m in the same situation.

(Matt) #3

I don’t have the answer but I can say I went in to change all my hours for certain outdoor light actions to start at 6pm rather than 7pm and once i clicked to change it changed itself, however in the previous screen it still said 7pm. Something tells me the ST cloud servers push this to the hubs/apps based on zip code/location. I would email support for an answer.

(Ron S) #4

My hello home actions didn’t trigger on time today too

(Jim ) #5

Same issue…all smart apps off by an hour…sent email to support last night…no response at this time…at least I’m not alone


K, same here, I thought I’d check here first. Porch light was still on when I left a few minutes ago.

(Ron S) #7

Guys, can we move all these reports to “SmartThings Downtime and What We’re Doing” so that we all get their attention. It is one of the pinned threads in the community.